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How to Book Cheap Golf Vacation Packages in Europe

Taking a golf vacation in Europe is one of the most exciting opportunities a golfer can have, but it can also be quite expensive. By the time you add up hotels, greens fees, transportation, food and more, the total cost of the trip can be enough to scare most people away. With that said, it is important to find the best deals you can to save money on the golf package you decide to book.

How To Make A Proper Weight Shift As You Play Golf

Proper weight shift in golf may seem difficult but it often has a lot to do with timing and body position. If your body is in the right position when setting up for the shot, weight shift will occur in a timely accurate fashion to help move through the shot. There are areas of the body to pay attention to in order to know if weight shift is occurring properly. As you move turn into your right foot when swinging. The right shoulder pushes up as you come through. Legs stay in place behind the ball as your torso rotates. Weight shift helps the player maintain control as they make their shot. Here are other areas to consider when making proper weight shift in golf.

Understand How to Move through the Shot While Holding Club

Sometimes it helps to think about the shot for a minute before taking the swing. There are a few elements to pay attention to when the shot is made. How are you holding your club? How are your feet positioned? What happens when you come down from the backswing and the clubhead comes across the front of the body? Your stance at the beginning plays a role in how your shot will end and how weight shift occurs.

Legs Should Pivot through the Shot

As you make your backswing and go into your downswing, when you come across to hit the ball and follow through, your leg should pivot. This means one leg somewhat moves with you as you follow through and help exchange weight from one side to the other. If you don’t have a pivot motion this could create a problem with balancing yourself after connecting with the ball.

As Club Moves Back Get Ready to Shift Weight

When you establish proper grip and you move your club back into your backswing your body should be ready to create the shift. The shift begins as you come down into your downswing and come back up for a follow through. When you follow through the shift is complete. Understanding precise moments of when the shift occurs give you mental and physical advantage to ensure a good result.

Practice with Weight Shift Golf Drills

There are golf drills that help golfers work on their swing technique. Consider drills that focus on elements of weight shift so you can practice the movements.