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How to Book Cheap Golf Vacation Packages in Europe

Taking a golf vacation in Europe is one of the most exciting opportunities a golfer can have, but it can also be quite expensive. By the time you add up hotels, greens fees, transportation, food and more, the total cost of the trip can be enough to scare most people away. With that said, it is important to find the best deals you can to save money on the golf package you decide to book.

Golf in Portugal: Why Algarve Resorts Should Be Top on Your List

When it comes to golfing holidays it’s hard to top Algarve golfing resorts as a destination choice. Portugal is both a country with a rich golf culture, as well as a destination that seems to be tailor made for playing the game because of its fine weather conditions and awesome scenery. Here’s a better look into why you should add this stunning location to your golf holiday list.

Portugal is “golf-conscious”

Because of a long history of being a favoured golfing destination, resorts in Algarve won’t disappoint those looking for a golf-centred holiday. Holiday packages are usually tailored to accommodate keen golfers from around the world. This is why Portugal—and especially Algarve—is considered to be one of the best golfing destinations in Europe and the world.

Great weather

The weather in Algarve is predominantly sunny almost all year round. On average, six out of seven days boast find weather that is perfect for playing. Although Algarve gets most of its rain during peak golfing season, the rest of the year boasts perfect golf weather when your course at home may be unplayable. It’s no wonder so many golf resorts in Algarve are fully booked almost all year round.

Stunning scenery

One element that goes extremely well with golf is great scenery. While golf course designers have done an excellent job on creating visually stunning courses, the natural ocean and forestation will take your breath away every time. Many golfers don’t mind giving up their golf carts and walking their courses as doing so is part of the Algarve golfing experience.

Fun alternatives

Portugal has a rich culture and excellent food. The people are jovial and friendly and rarely shy away from a conversation or a chance to get to know someone new. Taking a trip to Spain is also quick and inexpensive if you feel like exploring more of Europe. If it’s more of a golfing challenge you’re looking for, Spain will happily accommodate your hunger for more play time with their stunning courses.

While golfing will and should be your main attraction when in Algarve, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy many of the other attractions available to tourists. Enjoy one of the most beautiful beach fronts in the world, or take part in one of the many yearly festivals held there.